Copper Tube pyramids 51.83 apex angle

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Here are our Copper tube meditation pyramids. We have multiple sizes for water charging, Dog bed, sit on the ground and meditate, sit on a chair and meditate, and big enough to sleep under. Let us know if there is a size you are looking for that you do not see.

2 Foot option, has a 2 foot square base with a 18 inch height.
4 Foot option, has a 4 foot square base with a 38 inch height.
6 Foot option, has a 6 foot square base with a 55 inch height.
9 Foot option, has a 9 foot square base with a 79 inch height.

Reviews (8)


WOW WOW, I can’t express how AMAZING this pyramid FEELS (tensor rings not included 😉), and honestly it came with the BEST customer service EVER!!…THANKFUL!!…💓

This pyramid is made to perfection and does an amazing job with what we want it for. Thank you so much Tamara. Love it!!

Omg!!!!! This shop, seller, and products are absolutely amazing !!! You will not find another shop like it anywhere. This pyramid is absolutely gorgeous!!! Do yourself a favor and favorite this shop now 🤗🤗🤗

This exceeded my expectations! Quality handmade construction with thoughtful ease of assembly. Fantastic customer service! Communication was very prompt and felt like genuine care.

Shipping was really fast and so was her response to questions. Very well put together pyramid. Trust me eye get copper pyramids from all over and hers is TOP NOTCH!!!! Eye got it for my newborn baby to sleep under and she “falls asleep like a baby” hahaha So relaxed and calms her crying down!!!