Copper Christ Consciousness 5D


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Each size is based off of the spherical size of it. So a 6 inch would be a 6 inch sphere.

Here we have our Christ Consciousness 5D. The Christ Consciousness grid is a gift from the ascended masters or in better terms our future selves. It was put around the world by the Ascended masters as a way for us to find the path of Christ. This 3D form will give you a hand held visual connection to the power of Christ. This Christ Consciousness will help connect you to the one around the same grid that protects our world and gives us hope of a Christed future.

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Very high quality, jewelry level welds, will probably order one of everything!!

Super as always!!! Love the quality and the fast shipping!!! THANK YOU & GRATEFUL!!! 💜🕉️💜

Love it! Feels great, looks great!

I love it! It went into my office and is used with some of my meditations now.