6 Inch Copper Christ Consciousness 6D


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Measures out to be a 6 inch sphere
Here we have a 6 inch Christ Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness grid is a gift from the ascended masters or in better terms our future selves. It was put around the world by the Ascended masters as a way for us to find the path of Christ. This 3D form will give you a hand hald visual connection to the power of Christ. This Christ Consciousness will help connect you to the one around the same grid that protects our world and gives us hope of a Christed future.

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I love it!! It’s beautiful 🙌

I received the 6D copper Christ Consciousness today. It is beautifully made!! I am very pleased with the craftsmanship. All angles are beautifully smooth. It is pleasing to hold and to look at. I believe it will be an energy enhancement in our home! Thank you for your love in creating this. It is evident that much care is taken in the creation. Thanks !!

Looks great.

Wonderful & gorgeous!! Thank you!

I love this ! This is wonderful 6D conscious . It helps me during sleeping. I put this on my ceiling above my bed and every night I meditate with this. I want to say Thank you the seller for helping humanity. A lot of Appreciation from my heart !